Thursday, June 14, 2007

McKayla's Fifth Grade Culmination

McKayla and her teacher, Mr. Rosales at the "Celebration" of her culmination, which is her promotion to middle school. All those words are used to avoid the word "graduation."
McKayla looking like she is "Legally Blonde."

The whole family is so proud of our beautiful young woman.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lisa's Good Reads

The Last Chinese ChefThis book was a perfect marriage of my interest in all things Chinese and foodie facts. The author combined interesting fictional story lines together with non-fiction facts about the history of Chinese cuisine and how it differs from western ideas. My favorite part: explaining how different Americanized Chinese food evolved from what is really eaten in China and how there is almost no similarity. This book helped me remember how good the food really is in China. A well-written, fast read. (The author also wrote "Lost in Translation.")

Friday, June 1, 2007

Lisa's Good Reads

This book, like all of Michael Crichton's, combines science with human nature and as result, really makes you think. Although it has some bad language and some characters who are promiscuous, it does make you wonder where science is taking the gene pool. I had to read it in two days because there were too many characters to keep tract of as the author interweaves the story. He is a good writer and an obvious genius.
Here is the synopsis: "NEXT is set in the bizarre world where genetics and law intersect. Part fiction and part nonfiction, readers have found it both funny and genuinely disturbing. It features a transgenic parrot that quotes movies, a talking chimpanzee named Dave, a bounty hunter chasing after tissues, and a bar of soap made from a politician's liposucted fat."