Saturday, April 10, 2010

Busy As A Bee Can Be

No posting for a while. Can't breathe. So busy. We are less than two weeks away from our first performance and every moment has been taken up with "Savior of the World" activities. Here was my week:

4/5: Monday
Up at 6:00 - (normally not difficult for me, but after Spring Break ... I admit it was a little tough.)
Shower, dressed, scripture reading, dishes, get up little ones and shower them. (Ryan drops off little ones for a play date with their best friends.)
7:15 - leave to take older girls to school, drive to campus
8:00 - 11:45 Teach
12:00 - Stop at Smith's for a thank you card and Disney gift card for a thank you present.
12:15 - Pick up little ones.
12:30 - eat lunch
12:45 - more dishes, put away clean clothes, straighten whole house, clean out refrigerator, prep food for dinner, prep test for class on computer, print
1:45 - pay storage bill; pick up older girls but stop by office first to show Madison's immunization record so she can register for 7th grade. Find out that DatP is different than DtaP and Madison needs more shots. Ugh. Get the address and info for health clinic.
2:30 - home, homework, lots of homework, help prep for Madison's test
4:45: get call to pick up mom; family decides to mutiny and not have the dinner I prepared - Ryan led it.
5:00 - pick up mom from airport
6:00 - pick up McDonald's. No mood to fight. Feel guilty for not fighting over it.
7:00 - Family Home Evening
8:00 - back to finish homework and dishes (we had a lot of dishes from Spring Break, Easter Treat plates, Conference weekend, and Easter dinner.)
9:00 - Prep for next day
10:00 - bed

4/6: Tuesday
Up at 6:00. Shower, dressed, scripture reading, dishes, get up little ones and shower them. Work on "Savior of the World" spreadsheet, Act I, so I can have everything organized for the first act run through. Organize everything for errands.
9:00 - library, dry cleaning, Oroweat Bread outlet store to buy bread for the month, and one other errand I can't remember but I know there were four
11:00 - eat lunch and more work on the spreadsheet
11:30 - leave for campus
12:00 - 2:00 Teach
2:30 pick up girls and head to Fresh and Easy. Buy pita bread and rolls for practice. Get a great deal on half-price salads. Go out to car and discover a flat tire. Call AAA. Call home. Call Ryan. eat a salad while we wait. Send girls to CVS to buy a ream of paper. AAA guy comes and puts on the spare.
3:45 drop off older girls at home and head to Costco for new tires. Realize it has been three years since our last set and buy all new tires. The guy quotes me a two hour time. Call home, tell them to eat the meal I prepared for the night before. Call Ryan.
5:00 - Ryan comes from work to give me his car and takes over waiting. We enjoy a nice, peaceful, almost romantic dinner at the Costco snack bar.
5:45 - Leave for the church building. Older girls interviewed for temple recommends.
6:15 - leave for practice. Set up. Over-estimate my lovely spreadsheet. Props are a disaster. Turns out stage left and stage right are the opposite of what I thought they were. Feel like a complete moron. Trying to hide my inexperience. Miss my cue for the Roman scene. In spite of it all, it is a beautiful practice. resolve to make next night much better.
10:00 - return home. Wind down
11:00 - sleep

4/7: Wednesday
6:00 Shower, dressed, scripture reading, dishes, get up little ones and shower them.
7:15 - leave to take older girls to school, drive to campus
8:00 - 11:45 Teach
12:00 - Stop at Sunflower Market to take advantage of double-ad-Wednesday. Buy lots of fruit and vegetables. Only spend $19.
1:00 home and lunch. Work on Act II spreadsheet.
2:00 - pick up older girls
2:30 - homework, dinner prep, dishes, clean up
5:00 - eat dinner
5:30 - leave for practice
5:45 - drop off girls for Angel practice, head to high school
6:00 - attend HS 9th grade registration meeting
6:30 leave early to make it to practice
6:45 - practice. Practice goes very well. All the props are good. Make all my cues. Set up props for the next night's full performance run. Director wants more fish in the fish net. It is supposed to contain hundreds and looks like it has ten. Bring home net and bundles of fake fish.
10:00 home, wind down, dishes
11:30 sleep

4/8: Thursday
Up at 6:00. Shower, dressed, scripture reading, dishes, get up little ones and shower them. Organize everything for errands.
9:00 - make copies of test, Joanns, Office Max to get things for practice tonight. Get lunch at Great Harvest bread: honey whole wheat with basil mayo, cranberry sauce, turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, salt and pepper. Breathe in and out. Amazed at how a good sandwich makes me feel all better ...
11:00 - eat lunch and make corrections on the spreadsheet, cook taco meat for tonight's dinner
11:30 - leave for campus
12:00 - 2:00 Teach
2:30 - pick up older girls and get gas at 7-11 because the gas light has been beeping nonstop for about 30 miles. First Slurpee of the week.
2:45 - home, homework, fill out McK's registration paperwork
3:30 - sew on about forty fish for the fish net (extremely mundane - reward myself with a piece of Easter candy for each fish sewn on.)
5:30 - dinner. Feeling good - third consecutive night of home cooked meal for the week!!!
5:45 - practice. Director loves the new net! First run through of entire play. The choir sounds amazing! Late night but incredible rewards. No one calls me by name except my own children and the director. To everyone else, I am simply "Prop Girl" I am happy the word "girl" is used to describe me so I smile big when they say it.
10:30 home, wind down, dishes, set up for tomorrow
12:00 sleep

4/9: Friday
6:00 Shower, dressed, scripture reading, dishes, get up little ones and shower them.
7:15 - leave to take older girls to school, drive to campus
8:00 - 11:45 Teach
12:15 - home. Celebrate the end of the week with lunch at Panera. Go to Williams Sonoma and let Maya know what things to suggest for Ryan to buy me for Mother's Day. Crochet a 10 foot by 10 foot panel that should look like a cross between a fish net and macrame. (I actually started it while watching General Conference sessions) It is suppose to look ragged and uneven. (It is to be hung from an opening during the manger scene.
2:00 pick up older girls.
2:30 - make bacon-wrapped chestnuts for the YW fundraiser. Since it is for their camp, I refuse to wrap any of them, but I do make the sauce and take them in and out of the oven and pour sauce on them and put them back in the oven. Finish within moments of leaving. It is a Domino's Pizza night because every inch on counter space, stove-top, and oven space is occupied with twelve pounds of bacon, 24 cups of ketchup, twelve cups of brown sugar, twelve tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, 24 cans of water chestnuts, and 600 toothpicks for skewering them all together.
5:30 - drop off bacon wrapped chestnuts at church building. Give sticky hugs to the YW leaders.
6:00 - practice. Director loves the crocheted panel. Wonders how I was able to achieve such perfection in my uneven, skipped stitches. I don't bother explaining that that is how all my projects look. I just did my best and low-and-behold it is a mess of stitches. Wonderful rehearsal. Didn't miss a single cue. Someone asked why I wasn't in more scenes while I was up to my earlobes dealing with props. I responded: "I'm no angel." Practice was awesome. First night with the full orchestra.
10:00 Packed up all the props to move into the pavilion we are performing in. We have been practicing in a warehouse for the last month. They are moving the entire set, setting up the lights and sound and everything. So we had to pack up all the props after rehearsal ended.
10:45 - I needed a Slurpee. Only second one this week. Watched Survivor.
11:30 sleep

4/10: Saturday
Up at 7:30
8 :00 - Cleaned the entire house. Started Laundry. Out to lunch with the whole family to Cheesecake Factory. Sat across from Ryan and pretended it was a date. Mmm ... Boston Bibb Salad ... mmm ... Chicken Costoletto. Shared one with Ryan and the other with McK.
12:45 left for the Las Vegas Temple. It was the "Savior of the World" day at the temple so the girls got to do baptisms. Since it was Madison's first time, she wanted me to go with her. I helped at the font and it was awesome seeing the faces of my lovely daughters doing this great work. They each were able to do one family name from the Caress side. I loved seeing all the youth from the cast doing this work. It really brought them all together. I wish I could have done the session with the other adults, but I think I was in the best place. Slurpee on the way home. That is three for those keeping track.
4:30 - swimming - the sun was so nice and the pool was warm and the jacuzzi felt good. I took a little nap in the jacuzzi

So that was my week. I am going to bed. Goodnight.