Friday, September 3, 2010

Good News v. Bad News

So we went to the doctor and the good news is no surgery. Bad news is there are two broken bones so the recovery and propensity to re-break are a little longer and more likely.

Good news: everyone at school is super helpful and she gets to leave her classes five minutes early and have a helper carry her stuff. Bad news: some of her classes are far away and she barely makes it in time. She comes home everyday with sore arms. Good news: she will have amazing arms when this is done.

Good news: her pedicure looks awesome with her cast: black on black. Bad news: the black and blue bruised toes poking through the cast aren't that sexy.

Good news: lots of attention and gifts including flowers, hot cheetos, snickers, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, hot cheetos, junior mints, hot cheetos. Bad news: there is no bad news connected with this one. She got so many goodies she is not having any issues with sharing. In fact, I admire her ability to communicate. The hot cheetos are pouring in. Gotta love a girl who knows what she likes and makes sure others know as well.

Good news: Madison can still manage to get her jean shorts and capris over her cast. Don't ask me how, but she does it. Bad news: the long jeans will be in hibernation for a couple more months. It is too hot still to wear them, but that would not have stopped her.

Good news: mom has grown a much deeper appreciation for how helpful Madison is. She was always willing to help get the little ones ready for stuff, make their lunch, their breakfast, snacks, help with dinner, etc. Madison is my helper. My helper who never complains and doesn't wait to be asked. She sees a need and steps in. For those of you who are in awe of how much I do, it is precisely because Madison is in the background taking care of things and keeping everything organized. Granted I trained her, but she took to writing out little lists like a duck takes to water. Not that my other daughters are not helpful, but Madison is my mini-me.

Bad news: expound the previous good news into what I am currently dealing with. I not only have to take care of Ms. Independent, I have to take care of all the other things that she was doing. I have get up and set up the bathroom for her sponge bath, including setting out her clothes. I then have to wash her hair in the sink (another great thing she inherited from me: hair that needs to be shampooed daily or it looks really greasy.) I have to get her breakfast, her pain pills, her lunch ready, her shoe and sock, her backpack, etc. Then after she leaves, I have to do everything for my two youngest. I am exhausted every morning by the time I have sent them off to school.

Good news: Madison is feeling the love of all. Thank you all for expressing your concern. Bad news: Again no bad news with this one. We all really, really appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Family Crest ... I mean wristband

Ryan comes home from work a couple of weeks ago and suggests we get family wristbands. You know, like the yellow "live strong" ones. Wanting to know if we would all be willing to wear them, he solicited our opinions. Sure, we could wear them.

The color was not a fight. As long as we picked something that would not be inappropriate for a work setting. We agreed on turquoise bands. Coincidentally the Pantone 2010 color of the year. Yes, we are very trendy. Some wanted tie-dye or two-tone, but it wasn't too difficult to find consensus.

Now for the battle: what they should say. The opinions started flying.

Don't mess with Caress (Maya's favorite)
Yeah, I'm a Caress you wanna make something of it?
Caress: in your face
Caress and proud of it

Ryan was aghast. He wanted something deep, touching, eternal. Sappy stuff like:

The Caress Family is Forever
The Caress Family will be together forever

You know sweet, spiritual, love-expressing. The girls strongly objected. The suggestions got even worse. I'm sure there was an "up yours" somewhere in there.

We finally agreed on "Caress and proud of it." On the back we put our initials: RLMMMM.

They came in the mail today and we proudly wear them. Proud to be Caress.