Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monterey Outsmarts Me ... Again

Monterey had a few issues with costume selection last year. She rotated between an orange go-go dancer and a cheerleader (Maya's costume. Maya generously switched with her when she started crying.)

This year, Monterey decided to be the princess from The Frog Princess. We bought the costume. She has been wearing it for dress up the last few weeks. Today I told her I would run out and buy the crown and a stuffed animal frog to complete the costume. She needs it for school tomorrow.

She informed me that she does not want to be The Frog Princess, she wants to be a cheerleader using Maya's cheerleading costume from last year.

Me: Then why did you say you wanted this costume?
Mont: 'Cause I wanted to play dress up with it.

Aurgh. This child.