Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Terrorism Won, Get Over It

9/11.  The day that we will all remember.  The day we learned that not everyone in the world loves us.  The day we learned that we would never feel completely safe again.

The Department of Homeland Security.  The 9/11 report.  The hearings.  The arrests.  Guantanamo.  Guess what?  Everything changed.

The laws were past YEARS ago that gave the government the right to invade our privacy.  It has been going on for YEARS and it wasn't a secret.  I mean, if I knew about it, I assumed everyone knew about it.  So some low-level dude has exposed the big bad dirty secret that the government is spying on us, but guess what?  It is all LEGAL.

I had been joking with people for years not to do too many searches using key terms related to terrorism.  I assumed if I used a string of suspicious words in the airport, or on the phone, or in a text that men in black suits and sunglasses would come and question me.  I expect this post will get read by someone in the Department of Homeland Security because I am now typing the terms "terror" "bombing" "explosion" "mass killing" "Muslim" and "Saudi Arabia."  That freedom was gone years ago.  Now all of the sudden, people are shocked that it is gone?????

Guess what?  The terrorist won.  Their intent was to attack our freedoms.  Our freedom is what we lost that day.  The thousands of people who died were collateral damage.  The purpose of the attacks was to produce terror in the hearts of Americans.  Thus the term terrorist, terrorism;  all have the root word of terror.

Because of FEAR, we were willing to give up our rights.  We have ridiculous airport procedures, people held in Cuba so we don't have to worry about the Bill of Rights, drone strikes, commando units killing Bin Laden with complete disregard to both domestic and international law, two EXTREMELY costly wars, federal marshalls flying on every coast-to-coast flight, and many more new laws that chip away from the freedoms we once enjoyed.  Our trillions of dollars of debt can be directly related to two wars and a gigantic cabinet position-department that have cost SO much money, were unbudgeted, and not paid for.  That debt is another dirty little secret.  With everyone running around blaming old people, poor people, students, and park rangers; it is the wars and D of HS that is bleeding us dry.  But no one wants to talk about that because it would be unpatriotic.

FEAR is our greatest enemy.  We pay for our rights.  We are scared and because we are scared, we allowed laws to be passed that infringe on those rights.

I am glad that the ACLU is taking up the legal challenge to this "freedom of speech" infringement.  Let the Supreme Court deal with it.  They will have to throw out the law.  Or they will allow the terrorists to win.

I am not saying any of this is right or wrong.  I just don't understand why it took some people so long to be outraged.

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